Toxic insecticide found in eggs: Europe

Consumers in the Netherlands, Brussels, Germany and Austria* are on alert for a specific brand of eggs (stamped “2-DE-1”) in which the insecticide ‘Fipronil’ has been detected. Some grocery store chains have pulled all eggs coming in from the Netherlands, the source of the toxic contamination…

“Fipronil is considered by the World Health Organization to be moderately toxic, with high doses leading to feelings of nausea and dizziness. Very large quantities can cause damage to the kidneys, liver and lymph glands.” (source)


Investigators suspect the chemical may have gotten into eggs through a contaminated detergent against mites called Dega 16 that is used to clean barns, and criminal investigations have been launched in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter after the United States and sells around 5 billion eggs a year to Germany…

…around 180 poultry companies in the Netherlands have been temporarily closed, and some firms have culled their flock.


*Follow-up:  Batches of possibly contaminated eggs from the Netherlands and Germany had also been shipped to Sweden, Switzerland, France and Britain, and Austria finds some egg products contaminated with insecticide