“The Refrigerator List of

Household Chemicals of Concern to Avoid”

Seminar Materials


Refrigerator List-enlarged



The Power Point of the Seminar (pdf downloadable version)


CFL Seminar-The Refrigerator List-PowerPoint Version




Seminar Notes:  Easier to read, larger font and more details than the PowerPoint

(pdf downloadable version)


CFL Presentation NOTES-Household Toxins to Avoid



The Refrigerator List: At-a-Glance Overview for your refrigerator

(pdf downloadable version)

Refrigerator List-enlarged



Solutions for Minimizing Exposure to Toxic Household Chemicals

(pdf downloadable version)


SOLUTIONS-Reducing Exposure-Household Toxic Chemicals



For Researchers, Educators, Attorneys and Policymakers: PFAS Research Special Issue

Short List of References: The Refrigerator List of Household Chemicals of Concern

(pdf downloadable version)


Short List of References-Refrigerator List Household Chemicals to Avoid


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