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Obesity, Diabetes and Other Adverse Health Trends: What Role are Synthetic and Industrialized Additives in the U.S. Food Supply Playing?

CRS Institute/CFL White Paper

CFL PAPER SERIES–Adverse Health Trends and Synthetic and Industrialized Additives-White Paper CRS Institute, 2008

Big Food, the FDA and the GRAS System: Examining Key Factors behind Questionable Additives in Your Food

CFL Position Paper

CFL PAPER SERIES–Big Food, FDA GRAS System-2015 White Paper

Personal Care Products and Chemicals of Concern: The Talc-Cancer Lawsuits CFL Monograph

CFL PAPER SERIES–Personal Care Products and Chemicals of Concern-The Talc Lawsuits 2016

BPA: Research Findings Suggest Avoiding this Food Additive

CFL Brief

CFL PAPER SERIES–BPA Research Findings Suggest Avoiding this Food Additive–CRS Institute, 2012

Fracking Chemicals and Public Health Concerns

Zintro Publications

CFL PAPER SERIES–Fracking Chemicals and Public Health Concerns, Zintro Publications, 2014, Monograph 2014

The Hidden Dangers of Undeclared Food Additives

CFL Monograph

CFL PAPER SERIES–Hidden Dangers of Undeclared Additives-2016 Position Paper

Latent labels:  Is corporate obfuscation surrounding synthetic and industrialized food chemicals leading to serious health safety issues for U.S. consumers?

CFL White Paper

CFL PAPER SERIES–Latent Labels-White Paper CRS Institute, 2011

Preservatives and the Link with Adverse Health Outcomes

CFL Research Report

CFL PAPER SERIES–Preservatives and the Link with Adverse Health Outcomes-2010

Synthetic Food Dyes and the Link with Serious Health Consequences

CRS Institute Research Report

CFL PAPER SERIES–Synthetic Food Dyes and the Link with Serious Health Consequences-Research paper, CRS Inst, 2009

Synthetic Phosphates as Top Food Chemicals of Concern:  What the Research Says and Why Warning Labels are Warranted

CRS Institute White Paper

CFL PAPER SERIES–Synthetic Phosphates as Top Food Chemicals of Concern, 2014 White Paper

The Clean Movement: Growing Consumer Awareness and Intolerance for Questionable Chemicals in U.S. Food and Products

CFL Working Paper

CFL PAPER SERIES–The Clean Movement-Working Paper CRS Institute, 2013


How Activists Threaten Profits and What Big Ag, Big Chemical and Big Food are Doing about It, CFL Monograph


From Antibiotics to Pesticides to Artificial Growth Promoters and More: Factory Farmed Animals, Synthetic Chemicals and Your Dinner Plate, FIREPAW/CRS Institute Monograph


The Questionable Food and Product Additives Problem: Public Education, Legal Avenues and Other Remedies, Working Paper in progress.