Toxic PFAS Chemicals Discovered in Kid’s Clothes and School Uniforms

The results of a new scientific study have revealed that the majority of school uniforms and children’s clothes tested contain high levels of toxic PFAS chemicals.

Pregnant women are exposed to highly toxic chemicals in personal care and home care products: study

A new study funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has demonstrated that pregnant women in the U.S. are being exposed to highly toxic chemicals in their personal-care/cosmetics and home-care products that can increase the risk of cancer and developmental toxicity to their offspring.


Skittles Lawsuit: Toxin Titanium Dioxide

Over the years we have published a number of studies linking the food additive titanium dioxide to a number of serious health consequences.  Now a consumer has filed a lawsuit against Mars, Inc. arguing their candy “Skittles” are unfit to eat because they contain a known toxin (yes…titanium dioxide) that the company had pledged six years ago to phase out.

Gut Microbiome Affected by Toxic Chemicals in Products, Environment, Food

The microbes that inhabit our bodies are influenced by what we eat, drink, breathe and absorb through our skin, and most of us are chronically exposed to natural and human-made environmental contaminants.  In this study, scientists reviewed the research linking dozens of chemicals present in our personal care products, home care products, general environment and our food to changes in the gut microbiome and associated health challenges.