How Triclosan Harms Your Gut Microbiome

A new study has demonstrated that triclosan can trigger problems with gut microbiome and inflammation.

Antimicrobial Additive Triclosan Linked to Fatty Liver Disease

New research has uncovered a link with Triclosan and fatty liver disease.  More specifically, scientists found that the chemical accelerated the development of fatty liver and fibrosis.  Mice exposed to Triclosan also had less diversity in their gut microbiomes (less gut microbiome diversity as science has now shown, is generally associated with poorer health).

Avoid These Chemicals: 200+ Scientists Sign Warning Document

What chemicals to avoid: Products containing triclosan, triclocarban and other antimicrobials . Where these chemicals are found: The chemical triclosan … More

Removing Toxic Chemicals from our Personal Care Products: Progress Report

Some consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction that removing toxic chemicals from U.S. personal care products is such a slow process. … More