Lawsuit: Pet Food Contaminated with PFAS and Titanium Dioxide

A class action lawsuit against a major pet food manufacturer was filed last month alleging that the company misleadingly labels pet foods as being “healthy”, despite the presence of titanium dioxide in the pet foods and PFAS on the packaging.

Pet Food Junkies: How Pet Food Additives are Messing with Your Pets

Many pet owners have come to realize in recent years that when it comes to their processed food, their pets have begun to act like heroin junkies. From extreme anxiousness, to excessive vocalizations and acting out, to what appears to be full blown panic attacks, pets awaiting their next fix of pet food can sometimes look like a scene out of Trainspotting.  The reason seems clear: Pets are now seemingly addicted to their commercially processed pet food.  The stories are everywhere. And it is not just our imagination…