Synthetic Food Chemicals in Commercial Dog Food Linked with Rapid Decline in Dog Fertility

A growing trend that we have been strongly encouraging for the past several years has been to reject the host of synthetic and industrialized additives, including unnecessary synthetic food dyes, in commercial dog foods and to opt for either fresh, whole ingredients of home-prepared versions or organic versions of commercially-prepared dog food. Now this latest research indicates there may be yet another reason to avoid the synthetic additives in mainstream commercial dog food.

Environmental toxins–including the food chemicals common in dog and puppy food–are suspected triggers of the rapid decline in dog fertility. Many of the additives commonly used in dog food are also present in highly processed human foods. Previous research has linked a number of food additives–including several commonly-used food packaging chemicals known to leach into […]

via Rapid Decline in Dog Fertility Linked with Common Additives in Dog Food — FIREPAW, Inc.


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