Flavoring and Thickening Additives in Vape: Possible Links with Cancer, Lung Illness

Scientists have announced that two separate studies indicate that flavoring additives and thickening additives in vape may be linked to (1) cancer, and (2) the mysterious vaping lung illness some vapers have recently been experiencing.


Buyer Beware: Toxic Chemicals Uncovered at Amazon Flea Market

A new investigative report undertaken by journalists at the Wall Street Journal has revealed numerous potentially harmful products being sold at Amazon.com. Among the problems revealed in this deep-dive, independent laboratory-tested investigation were a number of products containing toxic levels of chemicals.

Child-Teen Obesity Linked to Food Container Chemicals: Study

Scientists have discovered that the new replacement chemicals for BPA (bisphenol A) the food industry is now using, BPS (bisphenol S) and BPF (bispheol F) also act as hormone disruptors and carry as much potential risk for serious adverse health outcomes as BPA. The researchers have already linked the new food container chemicals BPS and BPF to child and teen obesity.