Another Clean and Green Company Acquired by Big Chemical Corp

Like other acquisitions of upstart organic, clean and green companies that came before it, it remains to be seen whether the Seventh Generation product line will remain clean and green or whether mass production and transport will require the new owner to start the creep of unwanted additives into the products. As always, read the labels.


Unilever to Buy Cleaning-Products Company Seventh Generation


Unilever agreed to acquire Seventh Generation Inc., a Vermont-based company known for natural and eco-conscious cleaning products…

The transaction is part of a push by Unilever to claim more of the natural section of supermarket aisles. Millennials have increasingly sought out upstart brands that are seen as being environmentally friendly, putting pressure on some traditional wares. Unilever considers Seventh Generation a “purpose-driven brand,” akin to its Ben & Jerry’s and Dove products.