FDA Declares GMOs Safe in New Public Education Campaign

The federal government is still working hard to convince the public that their food is safe.

Buyer Beware: GMO Rebranded as ‘Bioengineered’, Selectively Shows Up on New US Food Labels

Big Ag, Big Food and their champions in the U.S. Federal government have found a way to get around consumers who want to avoid GMO foods.  They have renamed GMO foods to “bioengineered” foods in the hopes that U.S. consumers can be tricked.  As of Jan. 1, 2022 U.S. consumers will begin to see labels on some foods that say “bioengineered” or “derived from bioengineering,” (aka GMO) as the new federal law takes effect.

Researchers Hide Key Facts from Participants in Another Attitudes about GMO Food Study

Yet another study has just been published that has as its premise, “If we could just get the idiot public to understand science, they would change their negative attitudes about GMO food”. The problem? As with the researchers that came before them did, the researchers in the current replication study neglected to inform study participants of TWO KEY FACTORS SURROUNDING GMO FOOD: (1) High levels of Monsanto’s Round-Up Weedkiller pesticide is present in GMO foods on the grocery shelves, and (2) No safety testing for GMO foods has ever been conducted in the U.S.