In a Heartbeat: Food Chemical BPS Hinders Heart Function within Minutes of Exposure

The results of a new scientific study researching potential health effects to the industrialized food additive BPS (BPA’s counterpart replacement for lining food and beverage containers in the U.S. food supply) BPS can hinder heart function within minutes of a single exposure.

Ultra-Processed Foods Damage Your Heart: Study

The results of a new pilot study have confirmed what many of us having been saying for decades: Highly processed foods are damaging to health and well-being. More specifically, the new study has demonstrated that ultra-processed foods, which account for more than half of an average American’s daily calories, are linked to lower measures of cardiovascular health.

Another Study Links Commonly Used Additive in Processed Food to Bowel Cancer, Other Serious Illnesses

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Chemical Intolerance/Sensitivity and Illness

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