DIY Personal and Home Care Solutions with Coffee Grounds


Hey, not so fast dumping those coffee grounds into the mulch bucket–they’re as good as gold around the house!

9 Smart Ways to Use Coffee Grounds All Over the House

Coffee Grounds Bath Soap

Get the recipe here: Add some fresh grounds to DIY bar soap recipe like Ruth from Living Well Spending Less did here. The coffee helps ward off everyday scents, and the bar will smells a little bit like your favorite cafe, too.


Eliminate Smelly Freezers

Just toss dry grounds into an old margarine tub with holes in the lid and place the tub in the freezer to absorb odors.


Help Your Plants Thrive

The used grounds are full of nutrients like nitrogen and can be used as fertilizer for acid-loving plants, like rose bushes, azaleas, evergreens, and camellias. Spread them on top of your flower bed and you can (literally) watch your plants grow.


Eliminate Smelly Food-Prep Hands

Rub coffee grounds onto your hands, then rinse with water to get rid of any lingering scents–try it after you cook fish or chop onions or garlic.


De-funk Smelly Shoes and Closets

Place dry grounds into a sock or old pantyhose, tie a knot at the end, then drop it into shoes to zap the odor overnight. These handy sachets can also freshen up a musty closet–just place one on a shelf.


Remove Gunk from Pots and Pans

Throw in a handful of grounds, scrub away, and rinse. (Use only on non-sensitive cookware.)


Source: GH.


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