US Taxpayers Paying for GMO Propaganda

Oofah.  In a bizarre mandate for the blind to start leading the blind, the FDA was just awarded three million taxpayer dollars to “educate” U.S. consumers about GMOs. This is amazing because the FDA never required even basic safety testing on genetically modified foods* and so is utterly unqualified to educate anyone on the topic.


“Some see this aspect of the deal as nothing more than a PR gimmick for companies that grow and use GMO ingredients and a pro-GMO agenda by the government.”   –Source


We will wait to see if the FDA’s public education program mentions the findings from the scientific studies that have demonstrated high levels of Monsanto’s Bayer Chemicals’ Round-Up Weedkiller (glyphosate) in processed foods containing GMOs.  A more likely scenario is that the FDA will cherry-pick their way through the scientific findings and rely heavily on information supplied by Big Chemical and Big Food companies.  The whole business might be comical if U.S. taxpayers weren’t paying for it.

*Lacking are data for estimating overall safety levels for consumer exposure and basic feeding toxicology data


Food Safety Magazine:

FDA to Spend $3M Educating Consumers on Safety of GMOs