Natural Spice Remedies

And here is one more natural spice remedy–this one is especially for people with Salicylate Intolerance:  Some sufferers report that mixing speecy-spicy hot spices like cayenne pepper with some yogurt and eating it before meals allows them to tolerate some moderate-level salicylate-containing foods.  The reason? Many hot peppers contain capsaicin–an ingredient that, according to researchers, competes with salicylates for access to the nervous system receptor that can trigger adverse reactions in salicylate-intolerant people.  If capsaicin is ingested a short time before salicylates, it may reduce the bioavailability levels of salicylates in the bloodstream–and thus the possibility of adverse reactions from salicylates.  Of course checking with one’s healthcare team first (especially for those people taking salicylate-containing medications, those whose current sensitivity status cannot handle even small amounts of the low-to-moderate salicylate levels of organic cayenne pepper, or those who have digestive issues that could be aggravated by ingesting hot spices) is a must.  Additionally, please remember the scientific research we posted back in 2013 demonstrating that spices–even organic spices–were found to contain phthalates, which the researchers hypothesized to occur from the processing methods.  Given these findings, it is best to find an organic spice grower who specifically states that their processing methods do not produce unwanted chemicals of concern.


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