Glyphosate Round-Up Weed Killer Gets Cancer Warning Label

WHATGlyphosate, an herbicide and the active ingredient in Monsanto Co’s popular Roundup weed killer, will be added to California’s list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7, 2017…The listing is the latest legal setback for the seeds and chemicals company, which has faced increasing litigation over glyphosate since the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said that it is “probably carcinogenic” in a controversial ruling in 2015.


WHO USES MONSANTO’S ROUND-UP WEEDKILLER: In addition to individual consumers who can purchase the product to kill weeds on their private property, large-scale commercial users include: landscapers, golf courses, commercial, non-organic orchards and vineyards, and of course the farms that grow non-organic food.


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Monsanto’s appeal of the trial court’s ruling is pending.  If they lose on their appeal effort Monsanto and other glyphosate producers would have roughly a year from the listing date to re-label products or remove them from store shelves in the state of California.