New Federal Act: Oversight of Cosmetics, Personal Care Products

New U.S. federal legislation was just passed that goes into effect in 2023, that includes an act that will hopefully help protect consumers from chemicals of concern in their cosmetics and personal care products.  The act that concerns cosmetics and personal care products in the comprehensive Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023,  modernizes federal regulatory oversight of cosmetics and personal care products and creates a comprehensive and uniform national framework for cosmetics regulation. In theory, at least, this means the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will now have the necessary tools to ensure consistent regulation of cosmetics and personal care products*.  For details about the legislation, see page 3,498 of the Act (Subtitle E – Cosmetics).

cosmetic products

*See: Use of PFAS in cosmetics ‘widespread,’ new study finds

According to this 2021 study, 56 percent of foundations and eye products, 48 percent of lip products and 47 percent of mascaras tested were found to contain high levels of fluorine, which is an indicator of PFAS use in the product. The study was recently published in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology Letters.