Drinking Water Violations Database

We already know about PFAS chemicals making an appearance in drinking water across the U.S., but there are other contaminants as well.  Here is a database of communities that received violations of the safe drinking water act from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…

Drinking water violations. Through the Safe Drinking Water Act, the US Environmental Protection Agency sets baseline standards for the country’s ~150,000 public water systems. Although enforcement is mostly delegated to the states and territories, all monitoring, violation, and enforcement data is reported to the EPA and stored in its Safe Drinking Water Information System. The agency provides bulk downloads of the data, going back decades, plus a search tool and dashboard. As seen in: “Which cities have health issues with their drinking water?” (USAFacts). Related: Sara Hughes et al.’s Municipal Drinking Water Database, which connects information about 2,000+ municipal water systems to local demographic, government, climate, and political indicators. [h/t Greg Pierce]