Banning Toxic Chemicals in Your Personal Care Products: New Bill

Senator Dianne Feinstein has been a long-time advocate of controlling toxic chemicals in U.S. food and products. Her latest effort is the Personal Care Products Safety Act which would require an FDA review process for ingredients frequently used personal care products. FDA would review at least five chemicals per year, chosen based on input from consumers, medical professionals, scientists and companies.

This process would address whether chemicals can continue to be used in personal care products, and if so, what the concentration limits should be.

FDA may determine that some chemicals, particularly endocrine disrupting chemicals, are not appropriate in any products, or are only appropriate in small amounts.

Read Senator Feinstein’s own overview of the problem with chemicals of concern in U.S. personal care products and how the Personal Care Products Safety Act would address toxic chemicals in your shampoo, facial cream and body lotion…

Unfinished Business On Chemical Safety


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