Solutions: What can you do with orange peels?


Lots of all-natural home and beauty solutions, free of unwanted synthetic chemicals…


DIY Body Scrub and Beauty Treatment.  Put orange peels inside cheesecloth, tie closed.  It is the perfect loofah in the shower to greatly improve skin tone and firmness. You will love how this works.  Wow!

Amazingly Effective All-Purpose Natural Cleaner.  Place orange peels in a glass jar and cover with vinegar.  Tightly close lid.  Keep mixture in the refrigerator for a few weeks, shaking occasionally.  Then transfer your mixture to a spray bottle.  It makes an awesome cleaner for counter-tops, tubs, floors, and you will love what it does for cleaning windows…all without the unwanted synthetic chemicals in commercial cleaners—and much cheaper!  Shake well before use.

DIY Sachet Odor Remover.  Put orange peels inside a sachet then place inside shoes, in the bathroom, in the linen closet, on the closet shelf, etc.

Remove Water Stains and Polish Steel Fixtures in Your Kitchen.  Just rub orange peels directly on fixtures to naturally remove water stains.

DIY Garbage Disposal Freshener. Freshen your garbage disposal and prevent bad odors by running orange peels through.

DIY Non-toxic Ant Deterrent.  Place orange peels around problem areas to keep the ants away.

Garbage Can Odor Eliminator.  To help eliminate bad odors in your kitchen garbage can throw some orange peels in the bottom of the can when it is time to put in a fresh can liner.

DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent.  Simply rub the outside of the orange peel over exposed skin.

DIY Natural Home Deodorizer.  Simmer orange peels in 2 cups of water to make your home smell fresh naturally!


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