Unreadable-by-Humans GMO Label Signed into Law by President

Big Food and Monsanto are thrilled.

Obama Signs Bill Mandating GMO Labeling

A bill that creates a federal labeling standard for foods containing genetically modified ingredients (commonly called GMOs) was signed into law by President Barack Obama today…

Two weeks ago, Congress passed the legislation which would require food packages to display an electronic code, text label, or some sort of symbol signifying whether or not they contain GMOs, according to The Associated Press.

The exact details will need to be worked out by the Department of Agriculture, which will have up to two years to write the rules, The AP reports.

The news agency says that the law was largely supported by the food industry, which wished to see a national standard set for labeling products with GMOs, rather than separate and varying laws passed by states.

Between 75 and 80 percent of [processed] foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Consumers wishing to minimize GMOs in their diets need to eat a diet of fresh, whole foods, organic where possible.


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