Dump the Synthetic Food Dyes: Consumers Want Natural Food Coloring–and are will to pay more for it

Consumers are sending a loud message to the processed food industry: Dump the synthetic food dyes and replace them with natural source coloring. We can only hope that Big Food is paying attention.


Survey: Consumers will pay more for natural colors

According to the new study, people are willing to pay almost 50% more for a product that uses natural colors.

  • In an online poll commissioned for Lycored, 88% of consumers surveyed said they would pay more for food and beverages made with natural flavors and colors, according to Food Ingredients First.
  • When consumers were told a flavored milk beverage cost an average of $1.50, respondents said they would pay up to $2.20 for the product if it contained natural ingredients — a 47% increase.
  • The study also found that consumers preferred the look of natural colors over artificial colors. Participants rated a naturally colored strawberry milk drink the best looking.


Source: FoodDive

See: Consumers Are Willing to Pay Almost 50% More for Natural Colors and Flavors, According To Research from Lycored




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