Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in food and personal care products linked with female reproductive health problems

This latest study on endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our food and products strongly links some of the most commonly used chemicals to endometriosis and fibroid tumors. That is serious news but fortunately exposure to these toxic chemicals can be greatly minimized through our diet and lifestyle choices. Remember, scientific evidence has demonstrated that damage from many of the pernicious chemicals we are exposed to every day in our food, products and general environment are dose-dependent–meaning that the more we can reduce our exposure to them, the less damage they are likely to do to our health and well-being.

Common chemicals linked to fibroids, endometriosis

Hormone-disrupting chemicals are everywhere — in food packaging, plastics, pesticides and makeup — and two of them, phthalates and DDE, have been particularly strongly linked with common female reproductive conditions, such as fibroids…

For the current study, the researchers turned their attention toward fibroids and endometriosis, two common conditions that affect an estimated 70% of women and are leading causes of female infertility.
The researchers looked at studies of many different endocrine-disrupting chemicals and determined that the strongest evidence, albeit still from only a handful of studies, implicated a role for DDE, or diphenyldichloroethene, and phthalates in fibroids and endometriosis, respectively.




1-Eat organic foods whenever possible

2-Reduce canned food consumption (a major source of BPA)

3-Avoid packaged or highly processed food (a major route for phthalates to enter food)

4-Open windows to allow chemical dust, which accumulates on the carpet and electronics, to circulate out of homes

4-Make your own DIY organic personal care products and home cleaning products




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