Maine becomes first US state to ban Styrofoam

Styrofoam containers are harmful to humans, animals and the environment.  As CFL has previously reported, scientific research has demonstrated that the toxic chemicals (Benzene and Styrene) in Styrofoam (aka, polystyrene) leach into our food (this is especially true with hot drinks and foods and red wine) where they act as neurotoxins adversely affecting the brain and nervous system. Additionally, Styrofoam cannot be recycled and is accumulating in landfills where it breaks down leaving its toxic chemicals to harm wildlife, marine life and the environment.

Now one state has decided to take action to reduce the amount of Styrofoam on the planet.  Maine has just become the first U.S. state* to officially ban Styrofoam containers outright. Kudos to Maine for protecting its residents, animals and the environment.

Question: Why is everyone else dragging their feet on this issue?  Is the food packaging industry that powerful in this country?


*Maryland’s legislature also has approved bills to ban polystyrene, but it is unclear whether Republican Governor Larry Hogan will sign the legislation. Additionally, several local municipalities across the U.S. such as New York City have also banned the use of Styrofoam for food containers.


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