PBDEs and Your Health: Latest Research Findings

The links below will take you to the latest scientific research findings concerning PBDE chemicals and their link with adverse health outcomes.  These research articles will also tell you where PBDE chemicals are hiding so that you can minimize your exposure.


PBDEs and Adverse Health Outcomes: Scientific Research


Celiac Disease Linked to Common Toxic Chemicals

Flame Retardant Exposure During Pregnancy Linked with Reading Problems in Children

Biggest Chemical Threat to Intellectual Disability: Flame Retardants, Pesticides

Exposure to PBDE in the Womb Linked to Lifelong Metabolic Disorder

Toxic Chemical PCB in Food Linked with Premature Death: Study

Kids Carry Toxic Chemicals in Their Bodies from Vinyl Flooring, Furniture

Another Common Household Chemical Linked to Harming Cats

The Kitty Hyperthyroidism Epidemic and Common Household Chemicals

You are what you eat: Scientists discover toxic chemicals in animal feed used for farm-raised salmon

These two activities can lower your exposure to toxic chemicals in your home

Researchers Link So-called ‘Safer Alternative’ Household Chemical to Infertility

Toxic PBDE Fire Retardant Chemicals Discovered in Deep Sea Creatures