The Plan to Screw Talc-Cancer Victims: J&J’s Texas Two-Step to Bankruptcy

Multi-Billion dollar corporation Johnson & Johnson’s conniving plan* to get out of paying victims what the Courts in existing lawsuits awarded them in their talc-cancer cases and to block future lawsuits…By creating a subsidiary called, “LTL Management”, moving all the talc-related assets and debt to LTL, and then having LTL file bankruptcy, it automatically stopped lawsuits from proceeding against the subsidiary company LTL and against Johnson and Johnson as the parent company.**


“…the case could usher in a new era in which the government has diminished power to enforce consumer-protection laws, citizens don’t get to make their case before a jury of their peers when those laws fail, and even corporations with long histories of documented harm will get to decide how much, if anything, they owe their victims.”   (source)


The following is an expertly researched and written long-read that all consumers–especially women–should read. Please make the time to peruse it here.


*The two-step loophole… could become corporate America’s default way of avoiding consumer liability, letting companies with problem products squeeze through it with billions of dollars in assets intact. 

**U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Kaplan in Trenton, New Jersey ruled in February, 2022 that LTL’s bankruptcy should also stop talc lawsuits from proceeding against parent company J&J.


judges desk with gavel and scales

UPDATE: Cancer victims urge court to end J&J bankruptcy roadblock to lawsuits

September 19, 2022- People suing Johnson & Johnson over the company’s talc products urged an appeals court on Monday to revive their claims, saying the profitable company should not be allowed to use a bankrupt subsidiary to block lawsuits alleging the products cause cancer.

They asked a panel of the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the bankruptcy of J&J’s subsidiary called,”LTL Management”, saying that LTL is a “concocted” corporation set up solely to stop them from getting their day in court.