Big Food’s Challenge for Ditching BPA

The scientific evidence has been in for awhile now that the food additive BPA is potentially harmful to human health. This commonly used food packaging chemical is a known endocrine disruptor that has been linked with a number of serious health conditions, including two research studies funded by NIH that linked bisphenol-A (BPA) with obesity and diabetes. But replacing BPA from food cans, plastic beverage bottles, and other food packaging types is turning out to be a challenge for some large food manufacturers.  This is primarily because large food manufacturers have hundreds of recipes and many alternative chemicals that might work for all those different food types are just as potentially harmful as BPA…

To learn more about where BPA is hiding, which health conditions have been linked with it, and how to avoid it, see our paper here.

Nobody likes BPA, but replacing it can be difficult

Manufacturers struggle to find substitutes that will work for both their products and consumers

From chemistry and cost to supply availability, manufacturers often have several hurdles to overcome when deciding to go BPA-free.

Source: FoodDive