‘Overturn 2 Billion Dollar Talc Verdict’ say Johnson and Johnson Lawyers

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is asking for a Supreme Court review of a $2 billion verdict against them*. J&J attorneys are arguing they did not get a fair shake. The original verdict was in favor of women who claimed they developed ovarian cancer from using the company’s talc products**. The plaintiffs argued successfully that the company’s talc products contain asbestos and asbestos-laced talc which can cause ovarian cancer.

In preparation for asking the Supreme Court to review and overturn the ruling against them, it seems J&J has spent the last several months rallying the support of high powered attorneys and corporate allies like those of Big Chemical and Big Cosmetics. The court could say as soon as June 1, 2021 whether it will get involved.

*Judge Rex M. Burlison wrote that the company knew there was asbestos in products aimed at mothers and babies, knew of the potential harm and “misrepresented the safety of these products for decades.”

**Nine of the women involved in the lawsuit against J&J have died from ovarian cancer.

Source: Associated Press