NY Bill would Ban Toxic PBDE Fire Retardant Chemicals in Home Products

New York firefighters and environmental advocates joined New York Senator Todd Kaminsky to push for the passage of a bill that would ban carcinogenic PBDE flame retardant chemicals in household items.  Kaminsky (D-Nassau) is the lead sponsor of legislation that would prohibit toxic flame retardants in electronics such as smartphones, televisions and computers, and furniture such as sofas, chairs and mattresses.

PBDE fire retardant chemicals have been linked in scientific research studies* to numerous health conditions from cancer and reproductive issues to developmental disabilities. While industry and business groups have pushed back against the bill, arguing that it could increase fire deaths, injury and property damage, there have never been any peer-reviewed scientific studies proving that PBDE chemicals actually save lives**.

“This bill will save lives. This bill would ban the most dangerous flame retardants in household products. It’s time to stop listening to the corporate lobbyists and listen to our first responders.”

-New York Senator Todd Kaminsky

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