Dangerous Chemicals Found in Reusable Plastic Drinking Bottles: Study

Scientists detected more than 400 different chemicals from plastic reusable drinking bottles and over 3,500 substances derived from dishwasher soap after putting these bottles through the dishwasher. Several of these substances are potentially quite harmful to human health, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals and insecticides like DEET.

PFAS Forever Chemical on Eco-Friendly Straws: Study

If you think buying certain green products will help your fellow humans, animals and the environment, think again. According to researchers who tested one so-called ‘green’ product, when it comes to some eco-friendly straws, the exact opposite is true. Their findings? Some companies coat permeable products like biodegradable straws with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Yes, that is correct…some companies are coating so-called ‘eco-straws’ with the toxic Forever Chemical.