Cancer-causing Chemicals Leaching into Food from Packaging: Scientists

Scientists have now identified over three thousand chemicals leaching into food from the food packaging*, 65 percent of which were previously never discovered to be in contact with food. The study found more than two-thirds were identified in plastic packaging. Experts warn that some of the chemicals found were extremely dangerous and could cause cancer.  The chemicals found in the study include Bisphenol A, Formaldehyde, Antimony, Phthalates (Diethylhexylphthalate), and Styrene.**

“These are amongst the most frequently studied and measured chemicals, and they are known chemicals of concern with possible implications including the development of metabolic disorders like immune toxicity and neurotoxicity, leukemia, cancer and hormonal disruption.”

-Jane Muncke, CEO, Food Packaging Forum



*Chemical migration to food depends on factors such as temperature, contact time, the surface-volume ratio, and the type of food or food stimulant. 

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**For scientific study data on the health effects of these chemicals, go to our Blog page, scroll to the search box at the bottom of the page and type in the chemical name.

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What can you do?

Whenever possible avoid processed food packaged in plastic.  Choose foods/food product ingredients/drinks packed in glass or ceramic.  Or…make your own.

Journal reference: Geueke, B., et al. Systematic evidence on migrating and extractable food contact chemicals: Most chemicals detected in food contact materials are not listed for use, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Journal, May, 2022,