Homemade Baby Food Contains as Many Heavy Metals as Commercial Brands

A new investigation conducted by Healthy Babies, Bright Futures has found that the majority (94%) of both commercially-prepared and homemade baby foods tested contained high levels of toxic heavy  metals including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury–all of which can harm the developing brain.

How can this be?  It is because the heavy toxic metals are present in the soil and water the produce and grains are grown in.

Will organic versions be better? Not for avoiding heavy toxic metals. However, using organic ingredients to make homemade baby food will help eliminate unwanted pesticides and herbicides and additives used by food manufacturers.

What should parents and caregivers do to protect babies?  (1) Use the chart below to know which foods/food ingredients are safest to use regularly, which ones to use only occasionally, and which ones to avoid all together, and (2) read the synopsis of the report here.

chart-avoid heavy metals baby food