Talc-Cancer Victims Push Back Against J&J’s Conniving Plan to Rip Them Off

As we published in the piece earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a multi-billion dollar personal care products corporation, devised a conniving plan to get out of paying victims what the Courts in existing lawsuits awarded them in their talc-cancer cases and to block future lawsuits. They did this by using what corporate bankruptcy attorneys call a “Texas Two-Step” maneuver… STEP 1: creating a subsidiary called, “LTL Management” and then moving all the talc-related assets and debt to LTL, and then STEP 2: having LTL file bankruptcy. This automatically stopped lawsuits from proceeding against the subsidiary company LTL and against Johnson and Johnson as the parent company.  Now, the cancer victims of J&J’s talc products (talc manufacturing may contain carcinogenic asbestos) are pushing back…

Cancer victims urge court to end J&J bankruptcy roadblock to lawsuits

September 19, 2022- People suing Johnson & Johnson over the company’s talc products urged an appeals court on Monday to revive their claims, saying the profitable company should not be allowed to use a bankrupt subsidiary to block lawsuits alleging the products cause cancer.

They asked a panel of the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the bankruptcy of J&J’s subsidiary called,”LTL Management”, saying that LTL is a “concocted” corporation set up solely to stop them from getting their day in court.

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