Fast Food Giant to Phase Out Toxic PFAS Food Packaging Chemicals in 4 Years

We already know that toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” used in food packaging leaches into the food–even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admits it.  And we also know that fast food and highly processed junk food found at grocery stores often contain high levels of PFAS chemicals in the food packaging. Now, one fast food giant, McDonald’s, has promised to remove the PFAS forever chemicals from food packaging by 2025.

While it is disappointing that existing contracts with suppliers means it will take a full four years to phase out the toxin that is leaching into their food, nonetheless it is an important step forward.

“As the largest burger chain in the world, this commitment matters for two reasons.  First, that’s just a lot of packaging that will be PFAS-free by 2025. And second, this may help move other companies to make similar commitments.”

-Danielle Melgar, U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund