PBDE Exposure in utero Linked with Anxiety in Teens

A recent research study has advanced understanding of the link between exposure to environmental toxins (like the toxic flame retardant chemical PBDE) in utero and subsequent development of anxiety during adolescence. PBDE has been linked in numerous scientific studies to a variety of health problems–especially those affecting the brain, like lowered IQ and memory loss, as well as diabetes and cancer.*

Study overview

“The study focused on a class of chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) that were used as flame retardants for products like furniture foam padding, insulation, rugs, upholstery, computers and appliances. The researchers used data from the Health Outcomes and Measures of the Environment (HOME) study, which enrolled 468 pregnant women in the Greater Cincinnati region from 2003-2006 and continued to follow up with their children up to 12 years later.” (source)

Researchers investigated the relationship between gestational serum PBDE concentrations and anxiety symptoms in adolescents (N = 236). They measured five PBDE congeners (PBDE-28, −47, −99, −100, and −153) at 16 ± 3 weeks of gestation and calculated their sum (∑PBDE). They then assessed self-reported anxiety symptoms using the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) and depressive symptoms using the Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI-2) at age 12 years. They estimated the associations of maternal PBDE concentrations with child anxiety and depressive symptoms using multivariable linear regression and modified Poisson regression. (source)

Results overview

Gestational serum PBDE concentrations just before mid-pregnancy and during a period of active cortical and limbic neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and myelogenesis may be a risk factor for developing anxiety symptoms in early adolescence. (source)  In other words…

“The study found that each time the PBDE levels doubled in a pregnant mother’s blood sample, it was associated with increased anxiety scores in the adolescents, suggesting PBDE exposure during pregnancy may be a risk factor for developing anxiety symptoms in early adolescence.” (source)


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Journal reference: Strawn, J., et al. Early exposure to flame retardants is prospectively associated with anxiety symptoms in adolescents: A prospective birth cohort study, Depression & Anxiety Journal, Volume39, Issue12, December 2022, Pages 780-793.  https://doi.org/10.1002/da.23284