FDA to Lower Lead Levels in Fruit Juice

Based on a report that has found “concerning levels of lead” in U.S. fruit juice* the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now plans to lower the acceptable levels of lead permitted in fruit juice. The change will amount to a 46% reduction in exposure to lead from apple juice and 19% reduction from all other juices**.

Some researchers think the FDA is not going far enough

Consumer Reports, a non-profit consumer research and advocacy organization, wants the lead limit to be 1 ppb or less, which they say is possible for manufacturers to achieve based on previous studies.

Tell the FDA what you think

The FDA said it is currently accepting comments on the draft guidance until June 28, 2022 and hopes the levels will be lowered over time.


*A 2019 Consumer Reports analysis found “concerning” levels of heavy metals in many fruit juices, many of which were marketed for children…Many Fruit Juices Contain Potentially Harmful Levels of Arsenic and Lead — Even Organic Brands

**Current FDA regulations state that juice can contain as much as 50 parts per billion (ppb) of lead. The draft action would lower that limit to 10 ppb in apple juice and 20 ppb for all other juices.