Democrats Fight to KEEP Using Toxic Chemicals, Pressure EPA to Ease Off Regulations

Most adult Americans understand that anything equated with money and power eventually becomes weaponized by U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle, and toxic chemicals are no different.  This time there is an interesting twist, however:  The Democratic party in the U.S. is currently running under the banner of “improving public health and the environment”, yet prominent Democrats are urging the White House and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ease off on regulating some toxic chemicals known to harm both public health and the environment.* The Democratic politicians have written letters of support to both the White House and the EPA for the continued use of the toxic chemicals; the support is on behalf of the chemical industry, the agricultural industry and the building industry. The toxic chemicals in question range from notorious substances under intense scrutiny to lesser-known disinfectants including Formaldehyde,** the weed-killer Atrazine***, and the neurotoxin pesticide Chlorpyrifos.****

*According to information obtained from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request conducted by media source Politico and their E&E Daily News staff.

**Formaldehyde is often used in home-building projects like kitchen and bathroom cabinets and flooring, for disinfecting veterinary clinics and as an additive for animal feeds. Scientific research studies have demonstrated that breathing formaldehyde can result in a range of health impacts, including nasal cancers and myeloid leukemia. Despite mounting concerns and research linking the substance to cancer, industry leaders have sought to shield it from aggressive standards and regulations.

***Among other harms, the pesticide Atrazine has been found to be deleterious to wildlife, including marine mammals and endangered species, as well as the environment.

****The pesticide Chlorpyrifos has been shown in scientific studies to be a neurotoxin with the ability to adversely affect the brain–especially the developing brains of children–and has been linked to lowered IQ, autism and even obesity.

For the names of the politicians pushing to de-regulate these toxic chemicals go here.