Processed meats linked to increased cancer risk

This is not new information from us, of course; we have been reporting on the scientific research on this topic for many years now.  It is more like a shot in the arm or important reminder as you make your rounds to all those holiday parties with trays and trays of processed meats–and other highly processed foods, for that matter. Here are some takeaways from a new piece in the mainstream media:



  • Eating red meat and processed meat has been linked to higher cancer rates.
  • Research is increasingly finding that processed meats are much worse for you than other kinds.
  • The average consumer may be eating more processed meat than is healthy.


The reason processed meats and highly processed foods in general are risky* to eat on a regular basis is thought by a growing number of researchers to be a function of myriad of synthetic and industrialized chemical additives these foods contain.  Processed meats (and many highly processed packaged foods) frequently contain additives such as: nitrites/nitrates, BHT, BHA, benzoates (commonly sodium benzoate), autolyzed yeast (think MSG), animal drugs, antibiotics, and a particular risk to heart and kidneys even among young, healthy individuals, phosphates (frequently listed on ingredients labels as calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate).**

*   “Meat processing such as curing and smoking can result in formation of carcinogenic chemicals including N-nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The average eater of red meat consumes about 500 to 100 grams of meat each day. If all that meat is processed, meat eaters see their cancer risk rise by 18%.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

*  “Studies have shown increased risks of colon, kidney, and stomach cancer among people with higher ingestion of water nitrate and higher meat intake. Other studies have shown modest evidence that higher nitrate intake can increase the risk of thyroid cancer and ovarian cancer among women.”

National Institutes of Health


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Eating even a little bit of processed meat regularly can increase your risk of some deadly cancers

Business Insider

A growing body of research shows that regular consumption of processed, cured, or smoked meats including ham, hot dogs, bacon, and sausage can up your odds of developing some deadly cancers…  Read more HERE.



**The scientific findings on these and many other food additives can be looked up in CFL’s Food Additives to Avoid Listing [FATAL] and are also in

The Food Hacker’s book Food Hacker BOOKCOVER-CFL