Young People with Colon Cancer: Additives, Antibiotics in Processed Meat, Red Meat may be to Blame

Yet another study is reporting an alarming increase in the number of young people diagnosed with colon cancer.  There are likely multiple contributing factors but here are two strong suspects:  (1) Processed meats (and their additives) have been linked in numerous studies to colon cancer (and other cancers as well), and (2) Antibiotics disrupting gut bacteria…one of the key sources of antibiotics is animal antibiotics common in commercial (non-organic) red meat and processed meats. This, of course, is in addition to any antibiotics consumers may be ingesting from prescriptions, off-label or grey market sources to fight off infections.

CFL Graphic-Processed meat food chemicals-r

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Journal Reference:  John Virostko PhD, Anna Capasso MD, Thomas E. Yankeelov PhD & Boone Goodgame MD. (2019). Recent trends in the age at diagnosis of colorectal cancer in the US National Cancer Data Base, 2004‐2015, Cancer Journal of the American Cancer SocietyOverview; Study: